New Shows in the Winter and Spring

Hi All,


I’ve got a bunch of shows in the coming months.  You can get the info at my tour page.  There are also two new record projects:  A release of originals and a couple classics; and an album of covers of songs by my friends.  Stay tuned


thanks for keeping in touch


2 Replies to “New Shows in the Winter and Spring”

  1. I read the below bio from The Falcon’s announcement.
    Announcing that you have “performed with” certain well known musical artists – because you opened for, shared a stage with, took a workshop from, or “whatever” the reason – is some silly name dropping in the worst degree that removes the credibility that you so desperately seek from both peers and knowledgeable audiences alike. I suggest you rethink your self-promotion in this area.

    Elijah has performed with J Mascis, Wah!, Krishna Das, Amii LeGendre, UpRiverDownTown Dance Company, Danica Dora, Matt Jones, The Nields, Tracy Grammer, Billy Jonas, Al Petteway and Amy White, George Clinton, The Slip, Brad Meldau, Joe Lovano, Chris Parrello, Pete Levin, Dave Veslocki, Mark Wixom, Akie Bermiss, Gregg Glassman, John Esposito and others.

    1. Hi,
      I appreciate your interest in the Falcon and in my bio. While I’ll admit that my connection to George Clinton, the Slip, the Nields and Tracy Grammer is as an opener, I have actually played with all the other people on the list (at least once). I have done 2 gigs with J Mascis, I’m on a record with him; sang live (at Town Hall) and in the studio with Krishna Das I’m on his “Heart as Wide as the World”; toured the world as Wah’s drummer (played drums on her “Love Holding Love”); played on a Nina Simone tribute concert (organizd by Tony Falco) where I played drums with Brad Meldau and Joe Lovano; Pete Levin played on my first record (check it out on the “listen” page of my site); toured and recorded with Billy Jonas; and I’ve gigged too many times to count with the rest of the people on the list.

      Granted, the openers are perhaps a stretch, but I have gotten hired in the past based on their names on my resume–thus I have kept them there. However, I appreciate you letting me know how it comes across to you the reader as you are looking for something to do on a thursday in Marlboro. You say “whatever” the reason, but isn’t playing with people a legit reason to say you’ve played with them? If I removed the 4 names who I mentioned above that I opened for, would I have more credibility in your eyes? Or are you opposed to listing one’s colleagues and past collaborators at all?

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