Elijah Tucker and Generous Music at Rockwood Music Hall, June 20 at 6pm!!

I am THRILLED to announce that I will soon be bringing my band to the Rockwood Music Hall for the first time.  After many many shows here in other bands, the opportunity to bring Generous Music to this venerable stage is an honor and a delight.  I have assembled a truly astounding array of musicians to bring the goods to you–you will be uplifted.

As Woody Harrelson declared to Rosie Perez in “White Men Can’t Jump:”  I Guarantee Victory–Victory of the Soul, Victory over Boredom, Victory over the dust and trouble of life.  The Flaming Lips ask us:  “Will the Fight for our Sanity be the Fight of our lives?”  Come join us on this fine June evening and join the tussle.  You will leave ecstatic and maybe a little saner.

Wednesday, June 20, 6pm
Elijah Tucker and Generous Music
Rockwood Music Hall
196 Allen St. (Just below Houston)
F train to 2nd Ave.

Joining me will be Akie Bermiss, Dan Asher and Andrew Gillespie.  This might be the best rhythm section working in New York this month.


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  1. Clair Oaks says:

    We will be there!

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