Devil Songs! Costumes! Guests! and GREAT SOUND (Live this Thursday at Rockwood Music Hall)


Devils and Dolls,

You are cordially invited to join me and my minions as we delve deep in dulcet devilry this Thursday, 6/6 at 6pm (get it?)
We will take the stage at Rockwood Music Hall in a special early evening performance to bring you songs looking at the Devil and Hell from a variety of perspectives.
Joining me will be Bill Bell, Josh Reid, Jessie Kilguss, Jent LaPalm, Joel Arnow and more guests to be announced.  There will be costumes, there will be screeching, there will be love and there will be spooks.  
This concert is not for the easily disturbed, but instead for those curious about what lurks in the free dark hearts of those most alive among us.
Join us, my pretties
Thursday, 6/6, 6pm
Rockwood Music Hall
196 Allen St
New York, NY
with firey love,

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