Hey Day is Almost Here!

It is with pleasure that I announce the release of my newest solo album, “Hey Day.” I have secured a spectacular and intimate venue for the evening of June 23rd, which we will fill with love, music, art, delicious pies and summer merriment. Tickets are available now, and they are extremely limited. This event will sell out. Don’t miss it.
All proceeds from the event will support Peace Builders, an organization that I started with a good friend to do service work and build peace between historically divided people. The proceeds from the night will go to that organization to help with our efforts around the world. You can learn more about what we do at www.peacebuildersnyc.wordpress.com.
BUY TICKETS HERE: heyday.bpt.me 

Since my last solo album, I’ve seen the sun rise and set from Japan to Mexico to California to Israel to Italy to Portugal to England and right back home in New York City. All along the way I’ve written songs of love, vision, melancholy, joy and friendship. In June of 2016 I went into the studio with Ian Turner to begin work on what would become “Hey Day,” my third solo album. Over the course of the last year, the album has taken on a life much bigger than was initially envisioned, and the results are inspiring. What began as a small acoustic collection has become a rich, focused blast of rock, soul and folk music. Vocals lead the way, as I am joined by Jonathan Hoard, Gaura Vani, Alisha Neverson, Visvambar Sheth, Billy Jonas, Clair Oaks and Ian Turner. Surrounded by vibey drums, swirling synths, guitars, organ and piano, this is the album I’ve been wanting to make my whole life. The stories on the album start and end with love: for self, partners, family, friends and the Divine. Ultimately, “Hey Day” is a call to action for all who hear it to wake up and work for love, creativity and inspiration, letting transcendence, beauty and joy be the guide.
For this intimate and multi-dimensional concert, I will be joined by Ian Turner (playing a short set of his music), Bennett Miller, Eric Lane, Lautaro Burgos, Clair Oaks, Anthony Bracewell and other special guests
There will be a sumptuous spread of food: delicious Mediterranean hors d’oerves, fresh baked summer pies and a light elderflower cocktail. Please BYOB for yourself and some to share. 


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