Full Band at Rockwood! Friday, December 7, 7pm (The Dream Team)

The full 6-piece band returns to Rockwood for what promises to be an interstellar night of rock and soul.  Songs from Saturn will be joined by a host of newer songs, replete with horn arrangements and the ever-inspiring rhythm section of Akie Bermiss, Andrew Gillespie and Dan Asher.  Check out a sample from our last show together!



Elijah Tucker Rock and Soul Titans

Friday, December 7th, 7pm SHARP!

Rockwood Music Hall

196 Allen St (@Houston)



What A Show!

Well, the band was in rare form last Thursday (10/11/12). With a packed Rockwood Music Hall, we lit the fuse and burned from start to finish. The horn players Alec Spiegelman and Cole Kamen-Green added a dimension to the music that was outstanding.  Special kudos to Alec for the great charts he wrote.  What a gem!
Thank you all for coming out and making it such a great night.  There were even people watching from the street who couldn’t get in.  You make me proud to lead this band.
Now I’m off on a solo tour of the Pacific Northwest.  Ashland OR, Eugene OR, Portland OR, Seattle WA and Olympia WA and I are rendezvouzing—a date with destiny.  See the tour page for details!

“Saturn” drops October 11!

My new album, Saturn will be released amid great fanfare at the Rockwood Music Hall on October 11 at 7pm.  I have my dream team joining me for the show (Akie Bermiss, Andrew Gillespie and Dan Asher) as well as some very special guests on horns.  It’ll be a major event, as it will serve as a center-piece to a very active month in my musical world.  Three days after the record release, I will head to the west coast for shows in Seattle, Portland and other Pacific Northwest dates.  October will find me in Washington, DC as well.  See the tour page for details.

Elijah Tucker and Bill Bell at the Way Station, Wednesday, August 29 at 9pm

I will be duetting with the massively talented Bill Bell this Wednesday night at 9pm at The Way Station in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The Way Station is located at 683 Washington Ave. Brooklyn.

Bill and I have played together in various bands for 5 years.  Recently we started a new project designed to serve as a vehicle for our original music and a place to collaborate on new music together, along with Dan Asher (bass) and Joel Arnow (drums/guitar).  This Wednesday, Bill and I will trot out some of our tunes as a duo.  Stay tuned for future full-band engagements.


Elijah Tucker and Generous Music at Rockwood Music Hall, June 20 at 6pm!!

I am THRILLED to announce that I will soon be bringing my band to the Rockwood Music Hall for the first time.  After many many shows here in other bands, the opportunity to bring Generous Music to this venerable stage is an honor and a delight.  I have assembled a truly astounding array of musicians to bring the goods to you–you will be uplifted.

As Woody Harrelson declared to Rosie Perez in “White Men Can’t Jump:”  I Guarantee Victory–Victory of the Soul, Victory over Boredom, Victory over the dust and trouble of life.  The Flaming Lips ask us:  “Will the Fight for our Sanity be the Fight of our lives?”  Come join us on this fine June evening and join the tussle.  You will leave ecstatic and maybe a little saner.

Wednesday, June 20, 6pm
Elijah Tucker and Generous Music
Rockwood Music Hall
196 Allen St. (Just below Houston)
F train to 2nd Ave.

Joining me will be Akie Bermiss, Dan Asher and Andrew Gillespie.  This might be the best rhythm section working in New York this month.

New Videos, New Song…and The Slow Work grows ever closer to birth

Music, in the right place at the right time, is nothing short of glorious. Last month at The Living Room, my band put on one of our best shows ever, to a full room of some of our closest friends and supporters. It was truly magical. I got some great videos and I’d like to share them with you all. Also, I’ve posted a new song from the forthcoming album, The Slow Work. You can hear it below as well. Enjoy.


First Time at The Living Room!!

I am so excited to announce that I will be playing at The Living Room, one of the best listening rooms in all of New York.  My band will hit the stage early with a set of songs from the forthcoming album and a few new ones too.  COME OUT!

Friday, Feb 24, 6pm

The Living Room

154 Ludlow St (btw Stanton and Rivington)

New York, NY

F train to Delancey/Essex or 2nd Ave

INFO: 610-716-9352

Pete’s Candy Store, August 7 8-11:30

Generous Music will be sharing a bill once again with Ian Turner, who’s music is nothing short of breath-snatching.  Our band will be sitting in with him for a couple of songs as well as playing our own full set.  The show kicks off around 8 with Ian’s set (featuring Spider on Violin and Akie Bermiss on keys) followed by Srch Party (a band with minimal web presence, so I don’t even know what they sound like) followed by our show, which will be peppered with some choice 70’s and 90’s deep cuts in amongst our rock-and-soul bag of tricks.

8:00 Ian Turner

9:00 Srch Party

10:00: Elijah Tucker and Generous Music

Full Band, New Record, Bar 4

This is an exciting time in Generous Music land!  Work has begun on the next record, tentatively titled The Slow Work.  We are recording at a fine studio to 2-inch tape and it’s a thrill.  The band: Akie Bermiss, Mark Wixom and Andrew Gillespie.  The tunes: Soulful, rocking, hooky and rich.  The release:  Fall, 2011.  I’ll be dropping little teasers as we go along.

I’ll be bringing the whole band out for a stinging good time on JULY 23 at 9pm at Bar 4 (15th st and 7th ave, Park Slope Brooklyn).  It’s gonna smoke…literally.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Onward and Inward and Upward and Outward!


What’s Goin’ On

I’ve been in a pretty fertile period of writing, and I got a new drummer, so I’m excited to see what music feels like in the coming months.

You can see the quartet on April 29 in Manhattan. Details below:

Friday April 29, 7pm to 10pm
unlimited champagne, wine, and beer
live music – art installation – hors d’œuvre
$40 donation

Salt Space / N, R, 6 to 28th Street
UP website / tickets
facebook / deets