The Songs Your Heart Wants to Feel 

I’ll be playing at set of my music with some dear friends at Rockwood Music Hall on May 14 at 9:45pm. I pray you’ll join us for the wonders of song in community. Selah!!


Amplify The Voice of the Forest

IMG_8281A prayer:

Let me be forever grateful, never needing, always resourceful, ever grateful, never obliged, always in honor, and honoring of the other. Let my red pants inflame the hearts of the lovers of the world, the tellers of the tales, the thinkers in the sky, the bearers in the church. Let me understand the way light works. Let me know my own heart, and need nothing from anyone. Let my unrest rest, my commitment be strong, my self-forgiveness and compassion reign high, my beloved be close, my time be blessed and my heart and soul be at ease.

Poets, houses, couches, knowings, apples, plums, berries and bikes!

Hey Day is Almost Here!

It is with pleasure that I announce the release of my newest solo album, “Hey Day.” I have secured a spectacular and intimate venue for the evening of June 23rd, which we will fill with love, music, art, delicious pies and summer merriment. Tickets are available now, and they are extremely limited. This event will sell out. Don’t miss it.
All proceeds from the event will support Peace Builders, an organization that I started with a good friend to do service work and build peace between historically divided people. The proceeds from the night will go to that organization to help with our efforts around the world. You can learn more about what we do at

Since my last solo album, I’ve seen the sun rise and set from Japan to Mexico to California to Israel to Italy to Portugal to England and right back home in New York City. All along the way I’ve written songs of love, vision, melancholy, joy and friendship. In June of 2016 I went into the studio with Ian Turner to begin work on what would become “Hey Day,” my third solo album. Over the course of the last year, the album has taken on a life much bigger than was initially envisioned, and the results are inspiring. What began as a small acoustic collection has become a rich, focused blast of rock, soul and folk music. Vocals lead the way, as I am joined by Jonathan Hoard, Gaura Vani, Alisha Neverson, Visvambar Sheth, Billy Jonas, Clair Oaks and Ian Turner. Surrounded by vibey drums, swirling synths, guitars, organ and piano, this is the album I’ve been wanting to make my whole life. The stories on the album start and end with love: for self, partners, family, friends and the Divine. Ultimately, “Hey Day” is a call to action for all who hear it to wake up and work for love, creativity and inspiration, letting transcendence, beauty and joy be the guide.
For this intimate and multi-dimensional concert, I will be joined by Ian Turner (playing a short set of his music), Bennett Miller, Eric Lane, Lautaro Burgos, Clair Oaks, Anthony Bracewell and other special guests
There will be a sumptuous spread of food: delicious Mediterranean hors d’oerves, fresh baked summer pies and a light elderflower cocktail. Please BYOB for yourself and some to share. 

Shows in San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel! I am here and have a bunch of concerts coming up. More details to follow, but here’s the skinny:
2016-03-15 09.27.04
March 16, 7pm: Don Lupe’s (Pila Seca 34-B)
March 18, 6pm: Esencia Yoga (Potrero 13) — doing a kirtan with my Mom, Clair Oaks
March 18, 9pm: Club Plata (73 Zacateros) with Liah Alonso
March 19, 6pm: Salsabor Restaurant (Callejon del Palmar 13)
March 19, 9pm: La Galeria (Plaza la Alhondiga) with Johnny FavouriteLiah Alonso and friends
March 20, 6pm: Don Lupe’s with Liah Alonso

More to come, I’m sure. Stay tuned, and come out for the tunes!

International Dates Spring/Summer 2016

Packing my bags, going away, to places sweet-of-air and fancy-of-folk…

2016-01-23 11.39.59


I’m excited to announce that I’ll be touring the world in 2016, performing and serving whenever and wherever I can. A rough itinerary follows:

February: Israel (informal performances while on a service trip among the Bedouin population of the Negev (southern desert)).

March: Central Mexico (including an appearance at The Magic Town Music Festival and other sundry dates TBD)

July/August: Italy, France, Denmark, more TBD.  I’ll be doing a string of solo dates as well as collaborating with Emy Berti at a number of festivals

August/September: California and Nevada. I’ll be visiting the Bay area in late August, then heading to the wonderland of Burning Man to perform and get wild, and then down to Joshua Tree for Bhakti Fest, where I’ll be playing with David Newman, Brenda McMorrow and more TBD.

With Hammock and Suitcase, I’ll be just fine.  You can find me between two trees…

Birthday Concert, November 20, 8pm at Rockwood Stage 2

We’ll be celebrating my 33rd birthday in high fashion when we take to Rockwood Stage 2 on Thursday, November 20th at 8pm.  Joined by Akie Bermiss, Craig Dreyer, Joel Arnow and Dan Asher, this is one of the strongest bands I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.  It’s my birthday, and I’ll rock if I want to.

Elijah Tucker Band
Thursday, November 20, 8pm
Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2
196 Allen St (btw Houston and Stanton)
New York, NY

Graduation Time: The Elijah Tucker Band at Rockwood, Stage 2


Ladies and Gentleman,

It is with excitement that I announce my band’s Rockwood Stage 2 debut.  After many great nights on Stage 1, we’ve graduated to the larger stage and larger room, meaning no more folks getting shut out and plenty of room to DANCE!!

Wednesday, July 23rd, 8pm
Rockwood Music Hall
196 Allen St (south of Houston)
New York, NY

The Band: Akie BermissDan Asher and Joel Arnow

The Sound: Rock and Soul

The Night: Magic

We’ll be sharing the bill with The Lobbyists and Stargroves.  A great night for live music in New York City.

See you there!

See you there!

A New Approach at Rockwood Music Hall, May 16, 8:30pm


After 2 years of working the Rock and Soul band at Rockwood, I’m excited to announce a new configuration.  My acoustic guitar and singing will be complimented with cello, winds, female vocals, keyboards and possibly a brush of electric.  WIth a focus on intimacy, connection, clarity and beauty, I am excited to present my music to you in this new way.  The show will feature the talents of Lesley Kernochan, Luke Krafka and several others.  I look forward to spending a Vernal Friday night with you.

New England!! We are coming to Rock Your Bonnets!


We’ve got a few exciting events up north coming up:

March 20, 7-10pm at Red Square, 136 Church St, Burlington VT 05401 (with a Full Band)

March 21, 9-10pm at Radio Bean, 8 N. Winooski Ave., Burlington VT 05401 (Solo)

April 4th, Boston, Details TBD

April 5th, 10pm-2am, The Beat Hotel, Harvard Sq., 13 Brattle St, Cambridge MA


Swinging down to Philly for a great night of music and friends to raise funds for Westtown School.

April 12, 7-9pm at The Art Dept., 1638 E. Berks St., Philadelphia, PA 19125

See you on the road!